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Kick At The Darkness - Songs of Bruce Cockburn - (CD)

Art.Nr.: NOL-02257
Kick At The Darkness - Songs of Bruce Cockburn - (CD)
Label: Diverse
2 Wochen
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01. Barenaked Ladies-Lovers In A Dangerous Time
02. Swing Gang-Lord Of The Starfields
03. B-Funn-Wondering Where The Lions Are
04. Chris Bottomley-Stolen Land
05. Martin Tielli And Jane Siberry-A Long Time Love Song
06. Skydiggers-One Day I Walk
07. Five Guys Named Moe-Feet Fall On The Road
08. Cottage Industry-If I Had A Rocket Launcher
09. Jellyfishbabies-Call It Democracy
10. Fat Man Waving-Waiting For The Moon
11. All Her Brothers Are Drummers-Silver Wheels
12. Rebecca Jenkins-All The Diamonds In The World
13. Bobby Wiseman-Red Ships Take Off In The Distance