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Lucha Amada ll - love music. hate fascism - (Double CD in book form - VÖ: 05.12.2015)

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Art.Nr.: JUP-00038a
Lucha Amada ll - love music. hate fascism - (Double CD in book form - VÖ: 05.12.2015)
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“Lucha Amada ll – Love music. Hate fascism” is the second benefit sampler compiled by the music collective Lucha Amada and released on the german label Jump Up Records.

All proceeds from the sales will be donated to anti-fascist groups and Initiatives. For example, a part will be given to NSU Watch NRW and to the initiative in memory of Oury Jalloh.

As already the first compilation (released in 2011) this again comes as a double CD and appears in the especially remarkable book format. In the booklet the journalist Bernard Schmid analyzes the political situation in Europe regarding right wing parties.
The cover was illustrated exclusively by Carlos Undergroove aka Dabunker.

Musically both CDs orientate themselves by Reggae & Ska but also cross Cumbia, Raggamuffin, Rap, Chanson, Dub, Punk and even Dubstep. Acts on this international compilation are Ana Tijoux from Chile, Massilia Sound System from Marseille, 99 Posse from Naples, Panteón Rococó from Mexico City, Dubioza Kolektiv from Bosnia-Herzegovina or Sergent Garcia.

Thematically suitably we find – also as a homage to him and all victims of fascist attacks – a song by the rapper Killah P, in 2013 murdered by a member of the greek neo-fascist party „Golden Dawn“, as well as a Ghetto 84 version from „All you fascists bound to loose“, originally by Woodie Guthrie.

Carmel Zoum with the song “Oury Jalloh” refers to a dark part of the german present (Oury Jalloh burnt in 2005 in a police cell in Dessau, police argues he burnt himself – although he had his hands tied up. Not only consultants from England and Canada doubt this official version).

Raggabund dedicate the song “Refugee” to all refugees and criticise racism in society as well as racism by the state and theirs institutions (eg the border agency Frontex).

LaTwal deliver a wonderful new interpretation of anti-fascist partisan’s song “Shtil di nakht“, and HK & Les Saltimbanks from Lille appear with their anti-racist hymn „On lâche rien“.

Karne Murta rock with a great version of „Armagideon time“, originally of Willi William, more known in the version from The Clash; Lengualerta from Mexico City with his call “No border/alarma” explores the Drum’n‘Bass, while Zompa Family from Perpignan show up with two new unpublished songs, one of them a homage to the anarchist Buenaventura Durruti.

An exclusive version of the Watcha Clan classic “Quinto regimento” remixed from the Dub legend Zion Train, an exclusive cover version of the Negu Gorriak hit “Bi doberman beltz” by Esne Beltza, a new song fromFermin Muguruza as well as a new song by Desechos from Madrid round up both diverse CDs.

Nearly 140 minutes, 38 songs against rising racism in Europe. Love Music. Hate Fascism!

CD 1

01. Ana Tijoux – Somos sur (feat. Shadia Mansour)
02. La Plataforma – Milano-Madrid-Palermo
03. Carmel Zoum – Oury Jalloh (feat. Mal Eleve, Irie Révoltés, Msoke)
04. Koalas Desperados feat. Akua Naru & Paco Mendoza – Asamblea
05. Agencia Sonora – Cumbia Jungla Sonora
06. Tremenda Jauria – Guerilleras madriz
07. Ana Sol & La Candela – Esperanza
08. Desechos – De un socavón
09. Killah P – S??? µ?? ???, s? µ? f?ß???
10. Bad Sound System – Kapitalismo
11. Massilia Sound System – Ma ville réveille toi!
12. 99 Posse feat. Caparezza – Giovanotto documenti
13. Glaukoma – Jungle
14. Lengualerta – No border/alarma (feat. Bonfire Madigan)
15. Panteón Rococó – Nunca fue
16. Vendetta – Botella de ron
17. Resaka Sonora – Toile d’Orient
18. Zompa Family – Buenaventura

CD 2

01. Raggabund – Refugee
02. La Raiz – Parece mentira
03. Sergent Garcia – Una y otra vez
04. Zoufris Maracas – Les écrans
05. HK & Les Saltimbanks – On lâche rien
06. Juantxo Skalari & La Rude Band – Sarrera VII
07. Dubioza Kolektiv – Transicjia
08. Esne Beltza – Bi doberman beltz
09. iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Longfingah & Paco Mendoza – Bubble
10. Zompa Family – I´m donkey
11. Karne Murta feat B.B.Cico – Armagideon Time
12. Aspencat – Batega la ciutat
13. MiKKim – We come again (Chong X Remix)
14. Bambarabanda – Adnabarabmab
15. Puel Kona – Waj Mapu libre
16. Xaiko – Magullada
17. Ghetto 84 – All you fascists bound to lose
18. Fermin Muguruza – Black is beltza (feat. Boots Riley-The Coup)
19. LaTwal – Shtil di nakht
20. Watcha Clan – Quinto regimento (Zion Train Remix)

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Lucha Amada ll - love music. hate fascism - (Double CD in book form - VÖ: 05.12.2015)
Art.Nr.: JUP-00038a  
translation in english with orderinformations