Langston Hughes

The Glory of Negro History

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The Glory of Negro History
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01. Part I – The Struggle: The Struggle-Langston Hughes
02. Part I – The Struggle: Negroes with the Spanish Explorers-Langston Hughes
03. Part I – The Struggle: African Chant-Langston Hughes
04. Part I – The Struggle: Phyllis Wheatley-Langston Hughes
05. Part I – The Struggle: Oh Freedom-Leon Bibb
06. Part I – The Struggle: Sojourner Truth-Langston Hughes
07. Part I – The Struggle: Steal Away-Hilda Haynes
08. Part I – The Struggle: Harriet Tubman-Langston Hughes
09. Part I – The Struggle: Swing Low, Sweet Chariot-Hilda Haynes
10. Part I – The Struggle: Harriet Tubman, pt. 2-Langston Hughes
11. Part I – The Struggle: Old Riley-Langston Hughes and Leadbelly
12. Part I – The Struggle: Frederick Douglass-Langston Hughes
13. Part I – The Struggle: Go Down Moses-Clark Morgan
14. Part I – The Struggle: John Brown-Hermes Nye
15. Part I – The Struggle: John Brown’s Body-Hermes Nye
16. Part I – The Struggle: Battle Hymn of the Republic-Brownie McGhee
17. Part I – The Struggle: Abraham Lincoln-Langston Hughes
18. Part II- The Glory: The Glory- Walt Whitman-Langston Hughes
19. Part II- The Glory: Reconstruction-Langston Hughes
20. Part II – The Glory: Trouble in Mind-Bertha Chippie Hill
21. Part II- The Glory: Booker T. Washington-Langston Hughes
22. Part II- The Glory: George Washington Carver-Langston Hughes
23. Part II – The Glory: Dallas Rag-Dallas String Band
24. Part II – The Glory: Little Brown Baby-Paul Laurence Dunbar
25. Part II – The Glory: I’m Not Rough-Louis Armstrong
26. Part II- The Glory: World War I-Langston Hughes
27. Part II – The Glory: If We Must Die-Claude McKay
28. Part II- The Glory: NAACP Founding and Activities-Langston Hughes
29. Part II – The Glory: Organ Grinder’s Swing-Ella Fitzgerald
30. Part II – The Glory: Ralph Bunche-Langston Hughes
31. Part II- The Glory: Mary McLeod Bethune-Langston Hughes
32. Part II – The Glory: Battle Hymn of the Republic-George D. McClain

Aktueller Artikel The Glory of Negro History Langston Hughes
The Glory of Negro History
Art.Nr.: SFW-00154