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Down & Out - The Darker Side Of Southern Soul

Art.Nr.: TRI-00038
Down & Out - The Darker Side Of Southern Soul
Lieferant TRIKONT
Kategorie: CD
2 Wochen
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01. Crying In The Streets (George Perkins and the Silver Stars)
02. Down On Bending Knees (Johnny Copeland)
03. Dead (Ede Robin)
04. Lonely For You Baby (Sam Dees)
05. Forgotten Lover (Virgil Griffin & Rythm Kings)
06. Everybody Knows (O. V. Wright)
07. I Cried (Joe Medwick)
08. Heart Breaker (Child Maker) (James Kelly Duhon)
09. Mere Time (To Explain) (Larry Coney)
10. Love Don’t Love Nobody (Ella Brown)
11. He Kept On Talking (Don Varner)
12. Rainbow Road (Bill Brandon)
13. Shell Of A Woman (Doris Allen)
14. Why Does It Hurt So Bad? (Geater Davis)
15. Road Of Brokenhearted Man (Bobby Blue Bland)
16. In The Same Motel (Dicky Williams)
17. Sit Down And Cry (Ella Washington)
18. That Did It (Bobby Blue Bland)
19. Let Me Down Easy (Betty Lavette)
20. He’s My Son (Just The Same) (O. V. Wright)
21. Carried To The Cleaners And Hung Out To Dry (Juke Boy Bonner)
22. Gone Astray (Percy Mayfield)
23. Ghetto Child (Johnny Copeland)
24. Why Do You Treat Me Like A Tramp? (Gashead)