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American History in Ballad and Song, Vol.2

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American History in Ballad and Song, Vol.2
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01. Skada In America (Gene Bluestein)
02. Bragg Talk (Harry Jackson)
03. Immigrant Worker (Michael Quill)
04. He Lies in The American Land (Pete Seeger)
05. German-American Loyalty (James W. Gerard)
06. American Indian Loyalty Oath (John Oberly)
07. Two Good Men (Woody Guthrie)
08. Ballad of Sherman Wu (Pete Seeger)
09. Immortality Williams (Jennings Bryan)
10. The Lord’s Prayer (Dora Bliggen)
11. F.D.R’s Back Again (New Lost City Ramblers)
12. Then And Now (Oscar Brand)
13. Puerto Ricans in New York (Tony Schwartz)
14. Roll On Columbia (Pete Seeger)
15. Conestoga Wagoner’s Complaint (Vivien Richman)
16. Trusts William (Howard Taft)
17. Banks of Marble (Pete Seeger)
18. The Farmer (Theodore Roosevelt)
19. The Farmer is the Man (Who Feeds Us All) (Gene Bluestein)
20. One-Third Of a Nation (F.D. Roosevelt)
21. Pastures of Plenty (Woody Guthrie)
22. Labor Strife Aunt (Molly Jackson)
23. Ludlow Massacre (Woody Guthrie)
24. Money, Money, Money (Tony Schwartz)
25. Too Old to Work (John Greenway)
26. Corruption (Broadcast)
27. Teacher’s Blues (Pete Seeger)
28. The Taxation Tyranny (Elizabeth Knight)
29. Van Buren (Oscar Brand)
30. The Political Smear (Broadcast)
31. If He’s Good Enough For Lindy (Oscar Brand)
32. I’m a Migrant (Will Geer)
33. Keep Moving (New York City Ramblers)
34. Too Many Bookmakers (Broadcast)
35. The Delinquent (Melvina Reynolds)
36. Let’s Move It (Frederick Ramsey, Jr.)
37. The Negro Voter (Martin Luther King)
38. Desegregation at Little Rock (Eisenhower and Faubus)
39. The State of Arkansas (Pete Seeger)
40. The Supreme Court (Eisenhower and Faubus)
41. The Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan (Freedom Riders)
42. They Go Wild Over Me (Freedom Riders)
43. First, Fifth and Sixth Amendments (Broadcast)
44. The Communist 11 (Vito Marcantonio)
45. Land of the Daily Worker (Joe Glazer)
46. Landing of the A.E.F (General Pershing)
47. Let’s Bury the Hatchet (General Pershing)
48. The Spanish Civil War (Ernest Hemingway)
49. Valley of Jarama (Woody Guthrie)
50. Isolationism (Charles A. Lindberg)
51. Quarantine Speech (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
52. The Reuben James (Woody Guthrie)
53. The League of Nations (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
54. The United Nations (Franklin D. Roosevelt)
55. The Marshall Plan (Robert A. Taft)
56. Isolationism (Robert A. Taft)
57. The Red Issue (Henry Wallace)
58. Little Joe the Rustler (Joe Glazer)
59. The Baruch Plan (Bann the Bomb Recording)
60. Strontium 90 (Bann the Bomb Recording)
61. Nuclear Control (John F. Kennedy)
62. Doomsday Blues (Bann the Bomb Reco)
63. Inagural Address (John F. Kennedy)
64. Then We’ll Have Peace (Pete Seeger)