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An English Folk Music Anthology

Art.Nr.: SFW-00234
An English Folk Music Anthology
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01. Once in China (Harry Stubbs)
02. Old Roger is Dead (Hazel Bibbings)
03. The Fox (Mrs. M. Heathman)
04. Kyman I-Doe (Harry Stubbs)
05. There Was a Lady Mrs. Green (Dora Turner)
06. The Worms Crept Out (Mr. Erwin)
07. Children’s Songs with Games, Actions (n/a)
08. Henry My Son (Alison Bricknell)
09. Parody and Impropriety (n/a)
10. Wim Wim Wobble O (Troy Penfold)
11. Lent Crocking Song (Mrs. M. Heathman)
12. Six Jolly Miners (Ted Frost)
13. Cob Coaling Song (Dora Turner)
14. The Captain’s Song (Grenoside Sword Dance)
15. Carhampton Wassail Song (Eric Tarr)
16. The Herring’s Head (Bill Hingston)
17. The Derby Ram (Bob Mills)
18. Lord Lovell (Walter Pardon)
19. The Fourteenth of December (Lillian Lugg)
20. The Deserter (Walter Pardon)
21. The Maid of Australia (Walter Pardon)
22. Butter and Cheese and All (Mrs. Dowrick)
23. All Jolly Fellows That Follow the Plough (Bob Mills)
24. The Two Butchers (Nelson Penfold)
25. Young A-Growing (Nelson Penfold)
26. He Pulled a Dagger (Amy Birch)
27. There Was an Old Man Lived in Yorkshire (Amy Birch)
28. The Battle of Sahagun (Harry Stubbs)
29. McCathery (Mrs. Hawkins)
30. Maggie May (Stan Walters)
31. Jimmy MacElbee (Mary Duffy)
32. Jimmy Run Down to Your Uncles (Mary Duffy)
33. Do You Know Me Father / There Was an Old Man / I Lost My Arm (medley)(Bert Draycott)
34. The Ringarangroo (Stan Walters)
35. The Game of Football (Mary Duffy)
36. T’Bobbin Winder’s Song (Essie Dean)
37. The Doggey Putter (Bert Draycott)
38. Joe Hill (George Strattan)
39. Hallelujah I’m a Bum (Bob Hine)
40. Harry Was a Bolshie (Ken Penny)
41. The Forty Pound Car (Bert Draycott)
42. Canteen Tea (Allan Lavercombe)
43. The Big Hewer and the LIttle Marra (Bert Draycott)
44. The Shrewsbury Three (Joe Kay)
45. Demonstration Songs and Chants (CND March)
46. No Cruise Missles (Campaign Atom Group)
47. A simple lad like me (n/a)

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An English Folk Music Anthology
Art.Nr.: SFW-00234