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Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

Art.Nr.: SFW-00112
Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
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01. Joe Hill (Paul Robeson)
02. Bread and Roses (Bobbie McGee)
03. Casey Jones (The Union Scab) (Pete Seeger and the Almanac Singers)
04. We Shall Not Be Moved / Roll the Union On (Joe Glazer)
05. Roll the Union On (John Handcox)
06. Cotton Mill Colic (Mike Seeger)
07. The Mill Was Made of Marble (Joe Glazer)
08. Aragon Mill (Peggy Seeger)
09. Talking Union (Almanac Singers)
10. 1913 Massacre (Woody Guthrie)
11. The Preacher and the Slave (Utah Phillips)
12. Which Side are You On? (Florence Reece / The Almanac Singers)
13. Hold the Fort (Joe Uehlein)
14. Union Maid (New Harmony Sisterhood Band)
15. Too Old to Work (Joe Glazer)
16. Black Lung (Hazel Dickens)
17. Been Rolling So Long (Larry Penn)
18. VDT (Tom Juravich)
19. Automation (Joe Glazer)
20. I’m Union and I’m Proud (Eddie Starr)
21. I’m a Union (Card Kenny Winfree)
22. Carpal Tunnel (John O’Connor)
23. We Just Come to Work Here, We Don’t Come to Die (Anne Feeney)
24. One Day More (Elaine Purkey)
25. We Do the Work (Jon Fromer)
26. De Colores (Baldemar Velasquez and Aguila Negra)
27. Solidarity Forever (Joe Glazer)