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Classic Protest Songs from Smithsonian Folkways

Art.Nr.: SFW-00233
Classic Protest Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
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01. Freedom Now Chant (Mass-meeting participants in Hattiesburg, Mississippi)
02. Jesus Christ (Woody Guthrie)
03. Bourgeois Blues (Lead Belly)
04. Black, Brown, and White (Bill Broonzy)
05. Baby, I’ve Been Thinking (aka Society’s Child) (Janis Ian)
06. Blowin’ in the Wind (The New World Singers)
07. This Land Is Your Land (Steve Forbert, Jack Hardy, Jill Burkee, and Mark Dann)
08. Turn, Turn, Turn (Liz Getz)
09. As Long as the Grass Shall Grow (Peter La Farge)
10. Talking Pay TV (Phil Ochs)
11. Masters of War (Bergerfolk)
12. Waist Deep in the Big Muddy (Pete Seeger)
13. Agent Orange Song (Peggy Seeger)
14. Strange Fruit (Brother John Sellers)
15. How Can a Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live (New Lost City Ramblers)
16. I’m Going to Write the Governor of Georgia (Champion Jack Dupree)
17. When We Make It Through (Barbara Dane)
18. Evicted Tenant (Sis Cunningham)
19. Corrido de César Chávez (Los Perros del Pueblo Nuevo)
20. Gone, Gone, Gone (Red Shadow, the Economic Rock and Roll Band)
21. Spirits of the Revolution (Larry Estridge)
22. We Shall Overcome (Guy Carawan)