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Folk Music U.S.A.: Vol. 1

Art.Nr.: FWA-00104
Folk Music U.S.A.: Vol. 1
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01. John Henry (Virgil Perkins and Jack Sims)
02. Grizzly Bear: Negro Prison Camp Worksong (n/a)
03. Blowing the Train (Percy Randolph)
04. Six Thousand Miles from Nowhere (Snooks Eaglin)
05. Dark Was the Night (Blind Willie Johnson)
06. Amasee: Children’s Ring Game Song (n/a)
07. Spooky Drums (Baby Dodds)
08. Black Jack Davy (Mary Jo Davis)
09. Drunken Sailor: Dulcimer Medley (n/a)
10. Ellen Smith (Pete Steele)
11. Run, Run (Elizabeth Cotton)
12. Mole in the Ground (Bascom Lamar Lunsford)
13. Rolling River: Country Dance (n/a)
14. Allons Danser Colinda: Cajun Dance (Roy Brule)
15. Sourwood Mountain: Square Dance Tune (Hobart Smith)
16. Diamond Joe: Cowboy Song (Cisco Houston)
17. Siete Leguas: Corrido (Peter Hurd)
18. Matachines Dance (n/a)
19. Moonlight Song: Taos Indian Serenade (n/a)
20. War Dance Song (n/a)
21. Esta Navidad: Puerto Rican Christmas Song (n/a)
22. Aguinaldo Cagueno: Puerto Rican Song (n/a)
23. Rocky Road: Shape-Note Singing (Alabama Sacred Harp Singers)
24. If We Never Meet Again (n/a)
25. Inviting-In Dance Song (n/a)

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Folk Music U.S.A.: Vol. 1
Art.Nr.: FWA-00104