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Pete Seeger

How to Play a 5-String Banjo (instruction)

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How to Play a 5-String Banjo (instruction)
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01. A Basic Strum
02. Now with the left hand
03. Now with the index finger
04. The Fifth String
05. Now take that same song
06. Hammering On
07. Here’s a little bit of the
08. Pulling Off
09. Well, now, if you study the
10. Double Thumbing
11. Now, for just one more time
12. Now, not all songs, alfterall
13. Here’s the song
14. Frailing
15. In the G tuning, you might try
16. Now, frailing is the best way
17. Three-Finger Picking
18. Here’s another devleopment of
19. Here’s the song, “Cindy”
20. A Loud Strum
21. Here is a variation of the above
22. Three Micscellaneous Postscripts
23. If you ever want to play a
24. A roll is a special banjo effect
25. 3/4 and 6/8 Time
26. Using this method, and a little
27. For a more sustained effect
28. Incidentally, this type of
29. Now 6/8 time is the same
30. Blues and Jazz
31. Another common blues guitar
32. Here’s a sample blues passage
33. Spanish and South American Guitar
34. Here’s one way to get a rhumba
35. Here’s still another way of
36. This last pattern can be