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The Men of No Property

Ireland: The Final Struggle

Art.Nr.: PAR-00017
Ireland: The Final Struggle
4 Wochen
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01. Have You Got a Penny, Mister?
02. The Carmagnoles
03. Down the Broom/Navvy on the Shore/Rolling in the Rye Grass
04. Brian Boy Magee
05. Blarney Pilgrim/Paddy O’Brien’s/Whinny Hills of Leitrim
06. Cormack MacIlvogue
07. The Wee White Turban
08. Erin’s Lovely Home
09. Wishing the Brits Would Go Home
10. Andros
11. Breton Air
12. The Banks of Mulroy Bay
13. If They Come in the Morning (No Time for Love)