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Irish Rebellion Album

Art.Nr.: FWA-00008
Irish Rebellion Album
4 Wochen
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01. God Bless England (Tommy Dempsey)
02. Lonely Banna Strand (Barrie Riberts)
03. Bold Jack Donahue (Tommy Dempsey)
04. Foggy Dew (Brian Clark)
05. Sandbags and Trenches (Barrie Riberts)
06. Tricolour Ribbon (Tommy Dempsey)
07. Bold Fenian Men (Winnie Campbell)
08. Patriot Game (Harvey Andrews)
09. John Mitchell (Tommy Dempsey)
10. Dunhaven Green (Paddy Mahone)
11. Sean South (Barrie Roberts)
12. Belfast Brigade (Tommy Dempsey)
13. Smashing of the Van (Barrie Roberts)
14. Wearing of the Green (Tommy Dempsey)
15. Kelley the Boy from Kilane (Harvey Andrews)
16. Corrig Dun (Tommy Dempsey)
17. Follow me up to Carlew (Barrie Roberts)
18. Join the British Army (Tommy Dempsey)

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Irish Rebellion Album
Art.Nr.: FWA-00008