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Jewish Life: The Old Country

Art.Nr.: FWA-00093
Jewish Life: The Old Country
4 Wochen
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01. Am Kodoysh.
02. A-A Lyu Lyu
03. In a Shtetele Pityepoy
04. Cheder-boy’s Taunts – Taunts from Galicia
05. Vi azoy s’iz nisht git tsu geyn
06. Henich’s vayb / Of azoy neyt a Shnayder – This Is How a Tailor Sews
07. Hob ich mir a Shpan – I Have a Coach
08. A Redele iz di gore Velt
09. Shadchen darf men Kenen Zayn, A – Matchmaker’s Trade Is a Special Skill
10. Vos vilsti Mutter hobn? – What Do You Want from Me Mother?
11. Indroysn iz Fintster – It Is Dark Outdoors
12. Fun groys dasad – In Great Pain
13. Ich lig unter Grattes – I Lie Behind Bars
14. Kadril – Quadrille
15. Betler Lid – Beggar Song
16. Chassidic Tune
17. Husiatiner Melody
18. Chassidic Hopke
19. Az Moshi – ach vet kumen – When the Messiah Comes
20. Zog mir mein Shvester – Tell Me My Sister
21. Vos shloft ir, ir Shlefer? – Why Do You Slumber, You Sleepers?
22. The Mashines klapn, Di – Machines Are Clattering
23. Ver es hot in Blat gelezn – Oh Have You Read in the Newspapers?
24. Fraytik Inderfri – Friday Morning
25. Zayt mir gezint, Chovertes ole – Farewell, All My Friends – The Bride’s Farewell
26. Forn forstu fun mir avek – You Are Leaving Me
27. Five Wedding Tunes on a Fiddle A “badchen” (wedding entertainer)
28. Shlof mayn Kind mayn Treyst mayn Sheyner – Sleep My Child My Lovely Comfort

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Jewish Life: The Old Country
Art.Nr.: FWA-00093