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Masters of Old-time Country Autoharp

Art.Nr.: SFW-00113
Masters of Old-time Country Autoharp
4 Wochen
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01. Stoney’s Waltz (Ernest Stoneman)
02. Sweet Marie (Neriah & Kenneth Benfield)
03. John Henry (Kilby Snow)
04. May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight, Mister? (Kilby Snow)
05. She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain (Kilby Snow with Wade Ward)
06. Sweet Sunny South (Ernest Stoneman)
07. Bile ‘em Cabbage Down (Ernest Stoneman)
08. Marching Through Georgia (Ernest Stoneman)
09. Wreck of Number Nine (Ernest Stoneman)
10. Ella’s Grave (Neriah Benfield)
11. Waltz (Neriah Benfield)
12. Old Joe Clark (Kenneth Benfield)
13. Shortening Bread (Kenneth Benfield)
14. Cindy (Kilby Snow)
15. Budded Roses (Kilby Snow)
16. Flop-eared Mule (Kilby Snow)
17. Home Sweet Home (Kilby Snow)
18. Springtime Again Little Annie (Ernest Stoneman)
19. Great Reaping Day (Ernest Stoneman)
20. Weeping Willow Tree (Kenneth & Neriah Benfield)
21. I’m Alone, All Alone (Ernest Stoneman with Mike Seeger)
22. All I Got’s Gone (Ernest Stoneman)
23. Benfield Hoedown (Idaho Girl) (Neriah Benfield)
24. Bonaparte’s Retreat (Kenneth Benfield)
25. Chinese Breakdown (Neriah and Kenneth Benfield)
26. Wildwood Flower (Kilby Snow with Mike Seeger)
27. Tragic Romance (Kilby Snow with Hazel Dickens & Mike Seeger)
28. Close By (Kilby Snow)
29. Way Down in the Country (Kenneth Benfield)
30. Golden Slippers (Kenneth Benfield)
31. Lights in the Valley (Neriah & Kenneth Benfield)
32. Chicken Reel (Kilby Snow)
33. Precious Jewel (Kilby Snow)
34. Muleskinner Blues (Kilby Snow)
35. Red River Valley (Kilby and Jim Snow)
36. Hallelujah Side (Ernest Stoneman)
37. Jacob’s Ladder (Kenneth Benfield)
38. I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow (Kilby Snow)

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Masters of Old-time Country Autoharp
Art.Nr.: SFW-00113