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Smithsonian Folkways Children's Music Collection

Art.Nr.: SFW-00069
Smithsonian Folkways Children's Music Collection
4 Wochen
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01. Car Song (Woody Guthrie)
02. Mary Mack (Ella Jenkins)
03. All Around the Kitchen (Pete Seeger)
04. Ha Ha This A-Way (Lead Belly)
05. Merrily We Roll Along (Lord Invader)
06. Miwow Nenyo (W.K. Amoaku)
07. Pole Pole (Ella Jenkins)
08. Dreams/Youth (Langston Hughes)
09. Why Oh Why (Woody Guthrie)
10. I Had a Rooster (Pete Seeger)
11. Oksn (Ruth Rubin)
12. Sur le Pont d’Avignon (Alan Mills)
13. Benjamin Franklin (Illinois School Children)
14. Politos, Los (Suni Paz)
15. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Ella Jenkins)
16. ABC’s (Ella Jenkins)
17. Animal Alphabet Song (Alan Mills)
18. Whoopie Ti Yi Yo, Get Along Little Dogies (Cisco Houston)
19. A la Vibora de la Mar/Serpent of the Sea (Mexican Children)
20. Wolf Song (Irene Poolaw)
21. Bedbug (Arna Bontemps)
22. Four Pence a Day (Pete Seeger)
22. Skip to My Lou (Pete Seeger)
23. Hey, Coal Miner (Larry Long, Mrs. Side’s Sixth Grade Class)
24. Among the Little White Daisies (Jean Ritchie)
25. Old Bell Cow (The New Lost City Ramblers)
26. One Grain of Sand (Excerpt) (Pete Seeger)