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Hermes Nye

Soldier Songs

Art.Nr.: FWA-00148
Soldier Songs
4 Wochen
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01. Why, Soldiers Why
02. Ballad of the Tea Party
03. Free America
04. Bennington Skirmish
05. The Battle of Saratoga
06. Butternut Hill
07. Constitution and Guerrier
08. How Happy the Soldier
09. Benny Haven
10. Mustang Grey
11. Saro Jane
12. The Regular Army
13. The Boys of the Thirsty First
14. The Calvary Remount
15. Where the Privates Are!
16. Mademoiselle from Armentiers
17. I Landed in London
18. I Got Sixpence
19. I Don’t Want to Join the Army
20. Gee But I Want to Gome
21. The One Eyed Reilly (Reilly’s Daughter)
22. Bell Bottom Trousers
23. The Officers Ride the Whale Boats
24. Were You with the Marines
25. The Engineers
26. The Fighting O.M.C.

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Soldier Songs
Art.Nr.: FWA-00148