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Songs of the Civil War (Doppel - CD)

Art.Nr.: FWA-00128
Songs of the Civil War (Doppel - CD)
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01. John Brown’s Body (Pete Seeger)
02. Johnny is My Darling (Ethel Raim, Elizabeth Knight, and Joyce Gluck)
03. Billy Barlow (Jerry Silverman)
04. Somebody’s Darling (The Harvesters)
05. Old Abe Lincoln (Hermes Nye)
06. The Vacant Chair (The New Lost City Ramblers)
07. Lincoln and Liberty (Pete Seeger)
08. Roll Alabama Roll (The Harvesters)
09. Clear the Track (Pete Seeger)
10. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (The Harvesters)
11. Bonnie Blue Flag (The Harvesters)
12. Tenting Tonight (Pete Seeger)
13. Richmond is a Hard Road to Travel (The New Lost City Ramblers)
14. Battle Cry of Freedom (The Harvesters)
15. The Cumberland and the Merrimac (Ellen Stekert)
16. Just Before the Battle, Mother (The Harvesters)
17. Farewell Mother (Hermes Nye)
18. Weeping Sad and Lonely (The Harvesters)
19. Marching Song of the First Arkansas (Pete Seeger and Bill MacAdoo)
20. Overtures from Richmond (Jerry Silverman)
21. Pat Murphy of the Irish Brigade (Ellen Stekert)
22. Goober Peas (The New Lost City Ramblers)
23. Cumberland Crew (Edward “Sandy” Ives)
24. High Toned Southern Gentlemen (Jerry Silverman)
25. When Johnny Comes Marching Home (Pete Seeger and Bill MacAdoo)
26. Who Will Care for Mother Now? (Jerry Silverman)
27. Marching Through Georgia (Pete Seeger and Bill MacAdoo)
28. No More Auction Block (The Harvesters)
29. Kingdom Coming (Year of Jubilo) (Pete Seeger)
30. Booth Killed Lincoln (Cisco Houston)
31. Oh, I’m a Good Old Rebel (Hermes Nye)
32. Two Brothers (The Harvesters)
33. Battle Hymn of the Republic (The Harvesters)

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Songs of the Civil War (Doppel - CD)
Art.Nr.: FWA-00128