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The East is Red (Doppel - CD)

Art.Nr.: PAR-00048
The East is Red (Doppel - CD)
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01. The East is Red
02. The People Drowned in Misery
03. Dockworker’s Struggle
04. Seizing of Conscripts
05. October Winds from the North
06. Song of An Yuan’s Miner’s Club
07. The Peasants Song
08. Workerm
09. Worker, Peasant and Army Unite
10. Chaing Kai-Shek
11. Massacre of the Communists
12. Song of Sacrifice
13. Resurgance of the Revolutionaries
14. Autumn Harvest Uprising
15. Straw Sandals for Our Red Army
16. Ching-Kiang Mountains
17. Three Main Rules of Discipline
18. Landlords Overthrown
19. When the Cinnamon Flowers Bloom in August
20. The Red Army Fighter Thinking of Mao
21. The Red Sun Shines Over Tsunyi
22. Taking the Tatu River
23. Our Love and Comradeship are Deep
24. Crossing Mount Shieu
25. Song of the Three Joint Forces
26. The Long March
27. The People Join the United Front
28. September 18th
29. On the Sungari River
30. Arise, Chi Lai!
31. The Graduation Song
32. To the Rear of the Enemy: Song of the Guerilla
33. Battle
34. Inside the Liberated Area
35. The Naniwan Song
36. Defend the Yangtse Valley
37. What’s Jail to Us?
38. Unity is Strength
39. March of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army
40. Celebration
41. People’s Liberation Army Takes Nanking
42. Without the Communist Party There Would Be No New China
43. People of China Come Out
44. Song of the Prairie
45. We Wish Chairman Mao a Long Life
46. Celebration by National Minorities
47. Song of the Motherland
48. The Internationale

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The East is Red (Doppel - CD)
Art.Nr.: PAR-00048