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Mike Seeger

True Vine

Art.Nr.: SFW-00093
True Vine
4 Wochen
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01. Breaking Up Ice in the Allegheny
02. Coo Coo Bird
03. Johnson Jinkson
04. Little Rabbit, Where’s Your Mammy?
05. The Raftsman’s Song
06. Honeycutt’s Holler
07. Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe?
08. Blow the Horn, Blow
09. Old Man
10. Spoonful
11. Shouting in Jerusalem
12. When Sorrows Encompass Me Round
13. Calico
14. Early in the Spring
15. Freight Train
16. Goodbye, My Little Darling
17. Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down
18. I’m Gonna Go Huntin’ for the Buffalo
19. Granddad Jim’s Waltz
20. The Golden Willow Tree
21. California Cotillion
22. Young Johnnie
23. Sail Away Ladies

Aktueller Artikel True Vine Mike Seeger
True Vine
Art.Nr.: SFW-00093