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Emile de Antonio, Mary Lampson, and Haskell Wexler with the Weather Underground

Underground (Doppel CD)

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Underground (Doppel CD)
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01. Statement by the Underground
02. Violence Is Necessary: H. Rap Brown, Malcolm X, M.L. King, Jr., F. Castro
03. The Viet War: Ho Chi Minh, N.T. Dinh, J. Ford
04. SDS, Chicago 1969, Days of Rage
05. Attitudes of the Underground
06. Self Criticism
07. Puerto Rico-“Mongo Affair”
08. Making the Film
09. We are Professional Revolutionaries
10. The West 11th Street Explosion
11. Capitol Bombing- Returning Medals
12. Fear and Commitment
13. Class Origin and Class Stance
14. The Publication of The Praire Fire
15. Make Up of Capitalistic Power and the New Revolution
16. The Prison Movement and Attica
17. It Is The People Who Make The Change
18. We are a Small Organization
19. Interview at a L.A. Unemployment Center
20. Why We Are Communist & Speak Collectively