American History in Ballad and Song, Vol.1

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American History in Ballad and Song, Vol.1
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01. Washer Lad (Pete Seeger)
02. Shamrock (Pete Seeger)
03. When I Was Single (Peggy Seeger)
04. The Ballad of Tea Party (Hermes Nye)
05. The Liberty Song (Ed McCurdy)
06. The Dying Sergent (Ed McCurdy)
07. The Battle of Saratoga (Hermes Nye)
08. Cornwallis Burgoyned (Ed McCurdy)
09. Buffalo Skinners (Pete Seeger)
10. Davy Crockett (Hermes Nye)
11. Sioux Indians (Pete Seeger)
12. Greer County Bachelor (Starving to Death on My Government Claim) (Pete Seeger)
13. Crossing the Plains (Logan English)
14. Cowboy Yodel (Pete Seeger)
15. Free Elections (Pete Seeger)
16. Jefferson and Liberty (Ed McCurdy)
17. Andrew Jackson (Ed McCurdy)
18. Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be? (Elizabeth Knight)
19. No Irish Need Apply (Pete Seeger)
20. Harrison Song, The (Ed McCurdy)
21. Hail Africa Band (Wallace House)
22. Abolitionist Hymn (Hermes Nye)
23. The Bonnie Blue Flag (Hermes Nye)
24. Cumberland Crew (Hermes Nye)
25. General Patterson (Hermes Nye)
26. In Charleston Jail (Hermes Nye)
27. All Quiet Along the Potomac (Hermes Nye)
28. Lincoln and Liberty (Hermes Nye)
29. Old Rebel (Hermes Nye)
30. Pittsburgh Town (Pete Seeger)
31. The Blind Fiddler (Pete Seeger)
32. Eight-Hour Day (Woody Guthrie)
33. Dust Storm Disaster (Pete Seeger)
34. My Children Are Seven in Number (Pete Seeger)
35. Let Them Wear Their Watches Fine (Pete Seeger)
36. Cotton Mill Colic (Pete Seeger)
37. Mill Mother’s Lament (Pete Seeger)
38. The Faith of Harry Simms (Pete Seeger)
39. The TVA Song (Pete Seeger)
40. Inflation (Pete Seeger)
41. Sixty Percent (Pete Seeger)
42. Raggedy (Pete Seeger)
43. Seven Cent Cotton and Forty Cent Meat (Pete Seeger)
44. Old English Forty Years Ago (Wallace House)
45. The Hunters of Kentucky (Wallace House)
46. Santa Anna (Hermes Nye)
47. Roll Alabama Roll (Hermes Nye)
48. Cuba Libre (Jerry Silverman)
49. The Flood and the Storm (Woody Guthrie)
50. Well, What a Time (n/a)
51. Japanese Buddhist Service (n/a)
52. Indian (Hindu) ReligiousHymn (n/a)
53. Moslem Hymna Time (n/a)
54. It’s the Same All Over (Arthur Samuels)
55. To I Hola (Grail Singers)
56. Erdo (Grail Singers)
57. Ntabezikude (Grail Singers)