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Ballads of the American Revolution, 1767-1781

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Ballads of the American Revolution, 1767-1781
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01. The World Turned Upside Down
02. The Liberty Song
03. Free America
04. Maryland Resolves
05. What a Court Hath Old England
06. Banks of the Dee (Original)
07. Banks of the Dee (American Parody)
08. The Pennsylvania Song
09. Yankee Doodle, or The Yankee’s Return From Camp
10. How Happy the Soldier
11. The Death of Warren
12. Bunker Hill
13. The Dying Sergeant
14. The British Light Infantry
15. Chester
16. The Toast
17. Yankee Man of War, The or Stately Southerner, The or Paul Jo nes Privateer or Ranger, The
18. Mad Anthony Wayne
19. Sergeant Champe
20. Cornwallis Burgoyned