Ruth Rubin

Yiddish Folk Songs

Art.Nr.: FWA-00095
Yiddish Folk Songs
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01. Mikhalku
02. Oksn
03. Ay-Lye-Lyu-Lye-Lyu-Lye
04. Er Hot Mir Tsugezogt He Promised Me
05. Mit A Nodl, Oh A Nodl With a Needle, Without a Needle
06. Lid Fun Beker Yingl
07. Hot Zikh Mir Di Zip Tsezipt My Seive Is All Worn Out
08. Ot Azoy Neyt A Shnayder This is How a Tailor Sews
09. Vey Dem Tatn Woe Unto the Father
10. Iz Geven Amol A Pastukhl Once Upon a Time, There was a Shepherd
11. In a Finsterer Sho, Mame In a Dark Hour, Mother
12. Ale Vasserlekh All the Rivulets
13. Vos Hostu Mir Opgeton ? What Have You Done To Me ?
14. Dortn, Dortn, Ibern Vasserl There, Across the Water
15. Di Mame Iz Gegangen Mother Went Off
16. O’Brien
17. Baym Obsheyd At Parting
18. Yeder Ruft Mikh Zaimele Everybody Calls Me Zaimele

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Yiddish Folk Songs
Art.Nr.: FWA-00095